Meet The Team

Jorge Quintana

Managing Director/ Coach

As an elite competitive paddler Jorge has come to learn many techniques and secrets through self experience and from likeminded athletes who are passionate about paddling. Jorge's main drive is to share this knowledge with our students/athletes to help each one achieve their goals. Everyone that meets Jorge is sure to leave with a new found set of skills to take to the water. Jorge is a World Paddle Association (WPA) Level 2 Instructor, Paddle Fit Core and Pro instructor, and Certified Coach of the Puerto Rico Department of Sports and Recreation. You will always find Jorge in the water with a big smile and great attitude. 

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Luis "Vini" Lopez

Program Director/Coach

Legend says that Vini was born racing, but we don't know this for a fact because we don't have pictures of his birth. But we do know that Vini is definitely one of the most competitive individuals you will find. His energy and thirst for sports are easily absorbed by anyone who interacts with him. A multi sport elite athlete who has competed in numerous world championships, (Triathlon, Cycling and SUP) representing Puerto Rico. He easily translates his knowledge and motivation to our students/athletes. Vini is a World Paddle Association Level 1 Instructor. 

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Sonimar Quintana

Finance Director/Coach

Sonimar is addicted to Paddle Fit and being active. Weather it's horseback riding, skateboarding, bike riding to obviously SUP, she is always on the move. She loves to work with our beginner students and especially Jr. athletes who are mesmerized by her teaching and energy. Sonimar is one of our lead Paddle Fit instructors and is always looking for ways to take our students/athletes to a new level in their performance. She is a Paddle Fit Core Coach and World Paddle Association Level 1 Instructor. 

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